Child Care



Before and After School Programs

It is our thought that primary and elementary students are extremely involved in the socialization process.  They are concerned about being with their peers and being accepted by them. After attending school all day, we feel the children need time to relax and be more creative at the end of the day.


Our school-age program offers a learning atmosphere that is relaxed. Children can play individual or group games, read, do arts and crafts, use the computer, or homework if they wish. The children get to be with friends in a relaxed, supervised environment and participate in meaningful activities at the same time.  The children also have the opportunity to go outside, play in our gym or gameroom. 


In addition to the daily activities, the children have the choice to use our homework room.  This room is specifically designed to accomplish school work.  A monitor is available to assist the children when homework difficulty arises. The children are kept busy and active in a well rounded supervised program.


Our summer program offers theme weeks with field trips, daily specials that include guest speakers and special activities such as a full day picnic at the park.

Victor Child Care Center
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Victor Day Care is the oldest Day Care Center offering  child care to the Victor community!!